Hydrogen and its purpose

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) known also as Oxydol, Perhydrol and Superoxol, is a relatively unstable but strong oxidizing agent. It is nonflammable but can still cause spontaneous combustion in contact with organic materials. Its vapors are very irritant to mucous membranes and eyes. It is a weak acid which appears colorless in a dilute solution. It is a slightly more viscous than water with a bitter taste.

With its strong oxidizing characters it may be used as a powerful bleacher. In the form of carbamide peroxide, it successfully bleaches and whitens teeth, no matter if it is done professionally or at home. As a regular part of our body cells, it plays a significant role in oxidative biosynthetic reaction as well as in defense of our body. It is also a significant signaling agent in, especially in higher organisms.

Different purposes

It has outnumbering uses in human lifestyles. It is found in many households at low concentrations (3-9%) as a bleacher, medicine application or hair color assistant. As a mild antiseptic, it prevents infections on the skin when it comes to cuts, burns, and scrapes. It is often used as a mouth rinse in order to relieve symptoms of cold sores or gingivitis. It reduces a level of microorganisms to a level which is harmful neither to health nor the quality of perishable goods.

HydrogenBasic work of this product is based on releasing oxygen. For example this oxygen causes well-known foaming when applied on the affected area. The sparkling action mechanically helps in removing all the pus and cellular debris from the wounds and is a very valuable for deodorizing and cleaning infected tissue. Serious burns, deep cuts and animal bites should not be treated with hydrogen peroxide, treatments of these problems should be done by professional.

Of course there is possibility of side effects like irritation, stinging and redness on applied area. It is rare but it happens and you should contact your doctor in these cases.

Industry purpose

In industry it has also very important role for example bleaching cotton in textile industry, bleaching wood pulp, in chemical industry, cosmetics and medicine area and also even as a rocket fuel. There are also uses in metallurgical, glass and electronic industry. It is primarily used as a reactant. One of his unusual but still significant roles is being used as a fuel in space applications known as an “O2 scavenger”. Increased use of heavier crude oils with bigger amounts of nitrogen and sulfur is making a growing need for hydrogen in the petroleum refining industry.