3D Printing in Medicine

With a wide range of 3D printers, WASP or World’s Advanced Saving Project is involved in almost every sort of industry. Starting from creating theatrical scenery to making or better saying printing an entire village. A number of these fascinating project is continually growing predicting great future in many aspects of life. One of the critical areas where WASP hold important role is medicine. Making healthcare as much affordable and possible through 3D printing, WASPMed or WASPmedical focuses on providing high quality prosthetic and orthopedic projects.  To give patients access to custom 3D printed medical support devices WASP has launched Digital Orthopedic Laboratory.

Developing new concepts

3D printing medicineThe main idea of this project or let’s say using 3D printing in medicine is to develop and combine proper machines, materials, and processes with best-trained technicians and doctors to provide low-cost outcomes for the community. Two critical minds are supervising this project, and their names are widely known for their knowledge and experience in medicine. Dr. LelioLeoncini, a specialist in physical medicine and Dr.ViliamDallolio a great neurosurgeon.

In short WASP Digital Orthopedic Laboratory is a four-part system. First part is the WASP $C Bust Scanner used for imaging the upper part of patient’s body. It is a significant delta frame with four lenses. The process of scanning only takes seconds after which the scans are processed further using WASP’s slicing and modeling software. That second part is called WASP Workstation. Third part as a “heart of the system” consists of the two large-scale DeltaWASP 3D printers, the 4070 Industrial, and 2040 TURBO2. These are used to fabricate the orthopedic devices.

The mission

The main mission is to provide affordable alternatives to expansive medical devices where these alternatives are often more effective than those traditional counterparts like for example Dr. Leoncini’s well-known printed scoliosis brace. WASP with the new Digital Orthopedic Laboratory is constantly growing and becoming a leader in the business of affordable custom medical care.